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KENROSE offers a portfolio of services all under one roof. NEW: Kenrose now exports key commodities: 


Hardwood Timber and Logs, 


Granite Stone


Hardwood Charcoal


Ice Block Machines


Contact our UK office for details and Special Offers Now. 

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KENROSE is developing a strong reputation for Quality Assurance. All products are supplier quality assured.


Kenrose International our new Export/Import Division for commodities with Offices in UK and Nigeria.


We are supplying Hardwood Charcoal and Granite Stone to Europe, Asia and USA.


We are also suppling domestic electrical goods to Key Markets in Africa.  Contact our UK office for more details. Tel: +447931475283 



Hardwood -West Africa Sourced Hardwood experienced source - Request for a quotation Tel: +447931475283 or On Site Project Manager: 002348105145150





Granite- Popular Granite stones -west africa sourced; Grey Granite (Akure Grey)  and Zaria Beta (Conglomorate). Request for a quotation:



Lumpwood charcoal -West Africa Sourced Hardwood Charcoal over 20 years experienced source - Request for a quotation



Iceblock Making Machines- For the Africa Markets ice block machines good quality reliable german based technology - 1Ton to 20Ton machines  email: for your customer brochure



Retail Domestic Goods - From the UK we can supply laptops mobile phones LCD TV Sawdust. LCD TV, Phones, Fridge and Freezers, Microwaves, Kettles, email:







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